Command Description
/activity Creates a Discord activity.
/dashboard Sends a link to the dashboard.
/help Replies with help on how to use this bot.
/info Shows info about the bot.
/invite Sends an invite link for the bot.
/language Changes the bots language.
/ping Replies with the current latency.
/serverinfo Shows info about the server.
/userinfo Shows info about a user.


Command Description
/clear Clears the queue.
/filter Sets filter modes for the player.
/lyrics Shows the lyrics of the currently playing song.
/nowplaying Shows the currently playing song.
/pause Pauses playback.
/play Searches and plays a song or playlist from YouTube or Spotify.
/previous Plays the previous track.
/queue Displays the queue.
/remove Removes the specified track from the queue.
/repeat Sets the current repeat mode.
/resume Resumes playback.
/search Searches five songs from YouTube and lets you select one to play.
/seek Skips to the specified point in the current track.
/shuffle Shuffles the queue.
/skip Skips the current track or to a specified point in the queue.
/stop Stops playback.
/volume Sets the volume of the music player.


Command Description
/ban Bans a user.
/kick Kicks a user.
/move Moves the mentioned user to the specified channel.
/moveall Moves all users from the first channel to the second channel.
/purge Clears a specified amount of messages.
/slowmode Sets the rate limit of the current channel.


Command Description
/bugreport Reports a bug to the developer.
/github Sends a link to the repo of this bot.
/suggestion Sends a suggestion to the developer.